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[Interest Check] July 21 one-shot CST

So i'm taking a bunch of time off from work, and during one of those I want to do some roll20, I would be a one-shot from Noon-8 (CST) @ Sat July 21st. I would be willing do to 4e since I know that system very well, but I also have dmed 5e. I think it would also be fun to try something new like starfinder.
After playing with the charactermancer I think I'll give 5e another go. We'll do rolled stats, 4d6 drop lowest but do 3 sets. You'll also get a free feat at lol 1. Our world is mostly peace, the humans, dwarves and elves united, creating a better world order. But a new threat approached, an order of goblinoids and other vile creatures. All working together and granted with superior technology and arcane magic. These monsters, calling themselves "unity" seek to destroy the peaceful world we know. Our heroes (you) Have been gifted with experimental gifts. Most don't make it through, but you have. Now the worlds last chance you board a massive airship to meet up with 2 other "super soldiers" in a secret location. However a fleet of goblin ships surround yours and open fire. There is a mysterious island nearby, can you make it and survive?