is down is required to share handouts and character sheets via public URL, but it appears to be having DNS issues.  Please investigate.
Roll20 Mod Team
Are you still having issues?  If so, would you be willing to share us a traceroute from your location of the world?
Still having issues.  I'm in Los Angeles and the server is unreachable from my office network, home network, and via cellphone (to eliminate local network and ISP as a cause) I'm unable to run a traceroute, since that requires actually connecting to the IP address for the subdomain, which is not available (cause of the problem) "traceroute: unknown host" "This site can’t be reached" "’s server IP address could not be found."
Roll20 Mod Team
Devs have been pinged, please stand by. :)
Phil B.
Roll20 Team
The url doesn't point to a "real" place on the internet. The inside of the VTT we intercept all link clicks and have special handling for several different things, like Any link that starts with this should be pointing to a character/handout within the game you're currently playing, and clicking on one of these links should just open said character/handout when clicked. So, isn't "down" because it doesn't exist. Are you mentioning this because you were having issues with something? If so, it's being caused by something else and doesn't have anything to do with "".

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Awesome, thanks for passing it along to the devs! The site can create links to character sheets via the URL structure for example (  ) but those are not working as external links (outside of the interface).   I'm having to use the journal references to documents like character sheets to get around API limitations for externally loading game data into an overlay while streaming to Twitch. In this case I obtained the url by editing my character bio on my character sheet and added my character name surrounded by brackets.  This gets translated later into a link to the character sheet.   Crazy workaround to get a simple URL, but that's how things are "working" at the moment.  The problem is the URLs being generated don't actually work.  We need publicly visible character sheets, has to be a way.
I just need some way to externally view/parse character information, since the API is apparently for internal use only (boo) and I'd like to do some advanced overlay features for streaming D&D with Roll 20, but so far it's an uphill battle.