[GURPS] Character Sheet #1 - Fix request


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I need a 2 minor fixes for the GURPS character sheet (as it is listed in GitHub), not the one listed as GURPS_Mutorized 1. Replace all Fear  or fear entries with Fright 2. Line 327 of the HTML code (in GitHub), replace @(VS) Will with @(VS) Fright I am not a coder and have no idea how to use GitHub, in fact I am very afraid to make these changes myself. Someone was making changes back in March of 2018 but they have stopped responding to messages. If some can do this I would greatly appreciate it. Note: There are other changes and some suggestions to be made for this sheet but I will submit those once these changes are made by someone. Thanks for anyone's help here!
Mike W I made the changes you requested and submitted a Pull request today.
Ok thanks Tom.