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Nesting in a Roll Query...


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Hi, I've spent an untold number of hours producing 3 macros, which comibine with api's (chatsetattr) to produce 3 very special effects... #Long-Rest  (Which replenishes HP, Spell Slots, and recovers certain 'resources') #Short-Rest  (Which replenishes Spell Slots for our warlock, and recovers certain 'resources') #Dawn-Rest  (Which increase certain magic item charge 'resources', auto-rolling in some cases) I'm very proud of myself. There must be 20-30+ lines of text for them all in total. However, instead of having 3 buttons at the bottom of my screen (Where I'm quickly running out of space!), I'd like to create one whole macro which would read like this.... ?{Which type of rest?|Short,#Short-rest |Long,#Long-rest |Dawn, Dawn-Rest } However, instead of a nice short list of 3 options in the query box, it looks like this.... It's split every line of all 3 macros out as separate options on the dropdown... I've read the few guides 'Nesting in a Roll Query' here , where it talks about problem characters, which.... even if I fix... might default back again if I ever go back and open/view again! - Can anyone clarify/confirm? - Thanks!
oh gaaawd. After more research, it looks like my only option is to do this character replacement thing, and then NEVER open the edited pages again in fear of loosing it all. - And I'm not talking about my tiny, one line of code mentioned above... this is the code for all 3 nested macros inside :( - Is that correct?
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Use a Chat Menu . Much simpler interface to write. Also, I would recommend building the vast majority of your macros as abilities on a Macro Sheet , which vastly reduces the problem of HTML entity replacement.

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Thanks - I actually tried the 'Chart Menu' option before, but i struggled to replicate it. I think I'm missing something obvious. I use the 5e OLG Character sheets and presumably, the templates that come along with them... My Macros are what I think you've termed ' loose, global macros'. I've started by making a 'DM' Character Called "Macroman" and filling their abilities up with what are my current 'global' macros... I've then fudged along with....  /w gm [Short Rest](~Short-Rest) [Long Rest](~Long-Rest) [Dawn Rest](~Dawn-Rest) I get the fancy pink boxes, but they mention a missing substring. Presumably somewhere, I need to reference the 'character name' who actually has these 'abilities' on their sheet?
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[Short Rest](~Macroman|Short-Rest) | [Long Rest](~Macroman|Long-Rest) | [Dawn Rest](~Macroman|Dawn-Rest)     Assuming the macro's are indeed on Macroman - this 'should' do it... I am just starting to play with chat buttons so if I am off someone will jump in. 
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godthedj, if you want to post one of your macros that your chat menu is referencing, it might help in finding the issue.
Thanks Keith, DK - That little snippet of text worked well. - I'm going to make full use of chat menus. However, due to me not using shaped sheets, like the example from Keith here , i'm struggling to make any half decent 'menu' looking thing. Has anyone got any nice examples on how I could get the same sort of fix for OLG-5e. ...p.s I don't currently have/use the infamous 'powercards' I keep hearing about :)
You can use the default template &{template:default} {{name=Rests}} {{[Short Rest](~Macroman|Short-Rest)}} {{[Long Rest](~Macroman|Long-Rest)}} {{[Dawn Rest](~Macroman|Dawn-Rest)}}
Thanks - That default template looks like it could do the job :) I'll combine that with the info I here (