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New DM here. Mind blown on how fun and easy it is to play RPGs with Roll20

I had an acct back in 2013.   Didn't use it until I ran my first game this past Monday.  Thank you Bart, Peter W and Will for joining my session!! This platform has re-invigorated me for gaming.  I was playing TTRPG's before but with work, family, and other hobbies had fallen into a phase of a lot of writing but zero actual playing. WELL THANKS TO ROLL20 I AM BACK TO DM'ing !! That's it.  No other point to this post other than to say THANK YOU ROLL20.  THANK YOU ALL ROLL20 COMMUNITY OF DEVELOPERS, PLAYERS, ADMINs AND GMs!   :D
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Thank you sir!   It has been great fun already.
Are you spiffed by Roll20 to share accolades about the site?
Darook -   maaaaaaybe. (not really, but funny)
KS Backer
Welcome Peter.
Thank you Ravenknight!
Forum Champion
You can add a list of Games that you Enjoy Playing on your Roll20 Profile, if you like, Peter.  Welcome and happy adventuring!
Thank you so much!!