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Advanced Fog of War / Dynamic Lighting Issues

Folks, I've read the other topics on this issue, but I can't seem to find a solution. I'm hoping that someone can point out something I missed. I'm running LMoP. When I place a token on the map and enable sight and other lighting options, in the Join as Player screen, I see the revealed area, but not the token itself. The revealed area looks rectangular, though, and not dynamic. I've included images of what I'm seeing as well as my settings. What am I doing wrong here? Many thanks,
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The token needs to be assigned to your control (either on the journal itself with the token linked via 'represents' or on the token specifically). When you rejoin as a player you are remembering your GM view but unable to see through the token which is presumably not set to be controlled by you or 'all players'.
Thank you. That seems to have done the trick.