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[LFG] [EST] [D&D 5E]

Just a lonely player looking for a group to join to play some D&D. So hmu if you would like to test my skills.
Hi iam looking for a person to join a lvl 14 campaign thats been going steady for over a year set in a homebrew setting nothing to odd about it. Were currently looking for a healer i.e. Cleric, druid, celestial lock bard. Mostly for in combat healing not that thats all you would be doing lol. current party set up is barb, fighter, sorc, rogue, lock. were mostly using only base races enless its something equal like one player is a goblin stuff like yanti are  a big maybee lol. we use discord to talk. Hit me up if you would like more info or join. game link      also have a sunday game 3pm cdt looking for a healer(lol bad week for healers)