Help? - Toggle On/Off Spell: Bless

My party enabled Bless onto some of the party members. The time of use is only one minute but anytime I roll it is still happening. How can I toggle on/off Bless or any other spells that have a time so it is not on for the entire campaign?
The Aaron
API Scripter
Are you saying that bless is being added to all your rolls?  What character sheet are you using and how did you toggle it on?
It sounds like you are using the Global Skill/Attack/Save modifier fields on the character sheet. There is a corresponding setting for each in the Character Settings (the cog wheel page after spells) or you can uncheck the box under the relative rolls on the CORE page to get these values to stop appearing.
Indeed, we need to know what system and character sheet you're using to be of any help :)