One change to Ruler them all... We've just pushed some exciting, long-awaited, and highly-requested  ruler tool  changes,  keyboard shortcuts ,  page settings , and more! In summary: The  ruler icon changed  and there are now additional sub-menus for the ruler. There are  page settings  for custom units, and options for measurement method. There are  additional options  for measuring from the center (the method you’re used to), from the corner, and with no snapping. Keyboard Shortcuts have been changed  for new tool functionality and accessibility. Also, a few little  bug fixes  and an important character sheet release! Visual Changes The first thing you’ll notice are some visual changes to the ruler itself. The arrowhead has been changed to be more clear. The measurement  also includes the number of grid cells included in the measurement . Finally, the ruler line, arrowhead, and text will  maintain their relative size to the screen during and after you scale the table top . You’ll also see the ruler icon in the toolbar has changed; it now looks like a little circle with a ruler pointing out of it. More on that change below! Changes to Page Settings The Page Settings layout has been rearranged slightly. Another  very ,  very ,  requested  change, a GM can now choose custom units for grid measurements, from yards, meters, or any unit you wish. “Diagonal” has become “Measurement” to better describe what you’re actually selecting. The list of options in Measurement is based on the type of Grid you’ve selected, and the “Show Labels” checkbox is only available when Hex is selected. There are now two Measurement options for a Hex Grid. “Hex Path” is the option you’re used to and  Euclidean has been added . This adds support Hex Path calculates the shortest path to the destination, adding one unit for each hex a token would have to pass through to reach the end point. Euclidean measures from starting point to ending point without regard to grid units. Changes to the Ruler Tool Next, we’ve expanded the ruler tools available in the toolbar. Where once there was just a ruler, now we have a few different options. These options are also available via keyboard shortcuts if you Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts are enabled. Rulers can now snap with different methods, including Center, Corner, and  No Snapping . Token Movement has been updated to use Q or secondary click to add waypoints in order to match the Ruler tools. Because who doesn’t love consistency? A Tokens movement always snaps to center. Snap to Corner (or Q then 1) Snap to Center (or Q then 2) No Snapping (or Q then 3) ----- Show to Others (Q then S) Hide from Others  (Q then H) Changes to Keyboard Shortcuts Until this update, the spacebar was used with the token tool to mark waypoints. However, in preliminary efforts to increase accessibility for blind and low vision, we’re reserving the spacebar for those purposes. Instead, the Q key will now mark waypoints while moving a token, and  we’ve added the ability to mark waypoints while using the Ruler tool . Keyboards aren’t your tool of choice? The secondary mouse button will create waypoints as well. Holding the Shift key will cause the Ruler measurement to stay on the tabletop after you release the left mouse button . When you’re done with that measurement, it can be dismissed with right click or by creating a new measurement. At any time, you can reach into the near past,  and show last ruler measurement by pressing the X key. This also works to show the last movement for any Token you can control. First select the token, then press the X key. Character Sheets are now accessible immediately from the token with a new shortcut . To open the Character Sheet directly from a token, hold alt while double left clicking on a token you control. Charactermancer Changes We made some minor changes to Charactermancer: Some text to help guide you a little more through some of the less intuitive parts. Completing Charactermancer now has a progress bar and is much faster. Bug Fixes We also fixed a couple of bugs: Links now open in a separate tab, rather than the same tab/window you clicked. The permalink from the last forum post on a page now goes to that post, rather than the next page. Float:left styling should no longer break forum posts. Bug Report Thread The ruler updates were rolled out to the Dev server last week, so it's been tested and had a few bugs fixed before going live, but if you find any issues, please report them on the Official Measured Update Bug Report Thread . Please check the Known Issues list at the top of the thread before posting. For other bug reports, please check the  Bug Report Thread sticky  for how to report an issue. Previous Release Notes are  here .