Release notes - Version 2018-08-28 Enhancements Added backend functionality that has disabled dragging and dropping subheads onto character sheets temporarily. This is to restructure things and make dragging and dropping partial pages much better overall. Using a back-tick at the beginning of the URL field for in-app links will send the results to the chat window. In this way, you can trigger rollable tables from a handout, for example. Please note that this is different from how Journal Command Buttons used to work; the wiki will be updated by Friday. Bugs fixed Text editor auto inserting "http://" to any link (reported here ) Monster Manual not dropping correctly (reported here )- We need some help from the community to test this one. The fix doesn't break anything, but we have a very hard time recreating the issue. If you've had this issue, please verify that you can now drop monsters and NPCs and their character sheets will be completely filled in. Cantrip Scaling not functioning correctly (reported in several places) Compendium Book Template Page Order does not handle spaces in Category Names Previous release notes