We just pushed out some improvements to the 5e Charactermaner and the Compendium! Tasks and Features Charactermancer enhancements: Updated the Charactermancer Confirmation Slide to provide better error messages and information. Added a link to required items in the Charactermancer confirmation slide to more easily go back to fill them in. WotC-brand styling for charactermancer. If you own the PHB or other Wizards of the Coast products in Roll20, the Charactermancer now has more elegant styling. Charactermancer provides more guidance when rolling for ability scores The Charactermancer confirmation slide always shows the Apply Changes button, which is greyed out if you still have required fields to complete. When launching the Charactermancer, you will now be prompted to continue to the Charactermancer, start with a blank sheet, or switch the character sheet to an NPC. (Updated Sep 5, 2018) Custom AC Calculations : (Updated Sep 5, 2018) In the character sheet setting, if you select Custom for your AC calculation, you can now set up two attributes to contribute to an AC, and toggle whether the AC should still apply when using a shield. This lets you set up barbarians and monks to properly have their AC calculated, and the barbarian and monk class entries on the Dev server will be updated shortly to automatically apply those custom ACs correctly. In addition, if you check the "Show Global AC Modifier" field in the character sheet setting, you will now have a series of toggle-able repeating sections. So, for example, if your character has a common bonus, such as from a spell or a conditional feat or fighting style, you can toggle that AC bonus from the character sheet directly. The Compendium will no longer display duplicate entries (such as duplicates for Tasha's Hideous Laughter and Hideous Laughter). This does not affect duplicates in search results. Previous Release notes are here .