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Is something wrong with the 2E Shadowrun Sheet?

So, I'm going to be running a 2e Shadowrun campaign on here as a practice and lead-up to a streamed 2E Shadowrun campaign on here. The 2e sheet, though. The buttons aren't under some of the headers and the entire thing feels weird. Is it me? Any suggestions? Am I just wrong? I really wish there was a cooler looking sheet, but everyone has moved on to other editions, I know.

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Andreas J.
Sheet Author
It sure looks similar to the preview, so I doubt the styling changes made some time ago on Roll20 affected this sheet much. The sheet is made 3 years ago and never updated. And I agree, it's not much of a looker... If you can clearly articulate changes/fixes you'd want to the sheet, someone might be willing to make them. I know I could change all the dice into d6s(would make more sense than the default d20) quite quickly.
I would love for it be a bit nicer to look at. XD And more lined-up. The D6 thing sounds good, too. I think I'm spoiled since I';m used to the OGL 5e D&D sheet. But...if anyone WAS able to make a better SR sheet it'd be pretty amazing.
I've never done this before. Should I put up a post breaking down changes to the sheet?

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Andreas J.
Sheet Author
You can write them here or start a new thread with a more indicative title. Might be good to rank them by importance. You could send a message to the author , but I wouldn't hold my breath as the author haven't seem to be that active on Roll20 Edit: I submitted a change suggestion to change the dice icon to d6 Edit2: Now that I actually looked at the sheet and compared to the preview, I'd think some of the misalignments come from the Roll20-wide CSS update, like some of the dice moving places. I'll spend a few minutes and see if I can fix some of the worst stuff. Edit3: Didn't manage to fix the roll button misalignment, gave up. (html tables sure are horrible for styling...)
Ah, awesome. I'll go ahead and make a new thread to see if anyone would want to tackle this. Thanks for trying! :D