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54.1 - Delving (Alycia and Summer)

"Of course he was the leader. That's why it --" Pisses me off he's bailing so he can go play house with his girlfriend, his robot -- She stamps down on that thought as well as doubly unworthy. Instead, she gives a sharp shake to her head. "He chose to leave. Without any succession plan or discussion. That's how he passed the torch. It's up to us to pick it up from the ground and carry it forward." She growls, and holds up a hand. "And, yes, Jason did the same goddamned thing. Stupid and irresponsible. Almost like a teen-aged boy, except they should know better." Those last two words come out more angry and shouty than she'd intended, and she suddenly realizes she's about to break into an appalling emotional display. "I've got to clean up. I appreciate your help with the flowers." She turns and strides back to the house.
Bill G.
Sheet Author
Summer is alone again. Leo's original plan didn't work out. The Menagerie isn't a team that can get by without any kind of leadership. But his larger philosophy is still working. There's enough people who can fill a leadership vacuum, and who want to, because its members trust each other. She looks up for a moment, in the direction Alycia took. Well, almost everyone. Is she right, Leo? Are you just running off without a plan, like usual? Or was your plan to lay down the torch, and watch whose hand reaches for it first?
Alycia closes the door from the carport behind her and leans against it, closing her eyes -- until with a start she starts to worry that Summer might be on her heels, and rapidly moves away, then heads down to the basement, wiping her eyes with dirty arms. Dammit. This was supposed to be -- to be simple and straightforward . Join the team. Clear the record. Prove Alycia Chin is not her father. Not easy -- never easy -- but I knew I could do. I saw the opportunity, and jumped for it like the last evac chopper out of an overrun firebase. And what happens? The team falls apart around me from the moment I walk in the door -- hell, because of me, for all I know. Jason left before I even warmed up the cushion. Leo's bailed, along with Aria and Otto. Harry's wavering. Who knows what craziness is going to happen next with Adam, or Charlotte? Hell, maybe Summer's going to quit and form a team all on her own ... one she can be sure appreciates a fairy princess without getting all snarky about it. Slick move, hyper-genius.  男女日光浴!  I can't lose this. I can't. But if I can't make good with this assignment, Parker will have be back in a cell faster than I can spit. Or, worse, make me a full-time AEGIS stooge, complete with bodyguard and conditioning collar, no doubt. Either way, I lose everything . Again. She stands there in the cool of the basement for a few long minutes, forcing herself back under control, before growling, grabbing a change of clothes, and stomping up the stairs for the hall bath.