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Character Vault Breaking Sheet Macros?


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I am sorry if there is already a thread about this, when I searched for one, I couldn't find one on it. ANYWHO! Anytime I export a character into a game, it seems like any macro that I have set up on the sheet breaks. It makes the output look like:
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Without seeing the actual macro in question, it sounds like you are making your macro calls by character_id. Normally this is good practice, since you can change the character's name without breaking the macro. However, when you use the character vault, you are essentially creating a new copy of that character in a campaign, which creates a new character_id. Best practice for characters you predict will need vaulting is to make macro calls by character_name, rather than character_id, or use Attribute calls instead of hardcoded values, e.g. %{@{character_id}|ability}, [Name](~@{character_id}|ability), etc. If you want more pinpointed advice or examples, please post one of your macros that is failing.
It's one of the macros that I pulled from the Compendium, I'll post the code when I get home from work.
Here is the Macro. This one in particular is for Fire Bolt, but all of the macros for the sheet in question output the same thing: %{-L5CgttKTGzkW7PW_g-S|repeating_attack_-l5gbe12zlaw4bxe0wzb_attack}
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When you grab that output, change it to: %{character_name|repeating_attack_-l5gbe12zlaw4bxe0wzb_attack} Where character_name is the actual name of your character as it appears on the sheet. It's probably the simplest solution to implement.

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One more question: The sheet in question is an NPC sheet, for Spellcasting Macros, where would I go to edit it? EDIT: I actually figured it out by accident! If you switch the sheet from an NPC sheet to a PC sheet, you gain access to editing spell macros. Thank you keithcurtis for the help!
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Excellent. I'm going to go ahead and close and mark as resolved, but don't hesitate to open a new thread if you run into any more complications.