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Question about lighting macros. and Aarons great 'all purpose' one.

Greetings. I was noticing that when I use Aaron's very nice lighting macro it gives a drop down of several choices. I love it . When I click on a players token and select 'Torch' that token now emits light which is great.  Now if I click on another token and drop down select 'darkvision' which i think is 60 feet. does that change the global lighting because it 'seems' like it does and the torch lighting seems to disappear. I'd like to be able to 'fix' lighting on players characters. For example One player casts light on her Wizard say on her hat and she is 3rd in marching order, the player behind her is the cleric and he has no light source, the one in front of her (the 2nd in line) also does not have a light source but is low light vision enabled, and last, at the lead of the marching order the fighter has darkvision so he 'should' be able to see farthest out to 60 feet.  This does not seem how the macro is working. Is there further things I need to do to enable the above scenario? 
Changing the lighting on a token does not change the global settings, but it might look like it to the GM, or to any player who shares light with other sources. Lighting "overlaps" visually, so if two dim light sources are near one another, the overlapped area will seem brighter. Get enough of them together and the dungeon will seem very bright indeed. To see what one token will see, select it and use Cntrl/Cmd-L. If that doesn't answer your question, you might need to post the actual settings of any problematic characters. Screenshots might help.
Keith,  In this case you correctly identified the issue and its me not seeing an apparent change. I was curious if the lighting macro changed lighting globally or was specific to each token. Thus if one token has a light source but another does not..both should be ok to see what is seen. 
Depending on the macro (I use my own uber lighting macro, but it is similar to Aaron's), a Token-mod macro can either modify the first token selected, all tokens selected, or a specific token based on name or id. In no case can Token-mod alter global lighting settings for a page. I'm not even sure if those settings are reachable by the API. I hope that answers your question, but let me know if I missed something.
Keith, can you share your lighting macro? 
Sure. It's actually part of a much larger chat menu that I call "Game", used for running macros used during play. I have another one called "Utility" that has macros I run during setup. It wouldn't make much sense to post those in their entirety, since a lot of the other Ability Buttons are just calls to other Abilities on the sheet. Here's the lighting section: /w gm &{template:5e-shaped} {{title=Game Menu}} {{text_big=**Light & Vision** [Snuff](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_radius|0 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) | [Sight](!token-mod --on showname light_hassight light_angle|360) | [Blind](!token-mod --off showname light_hassight light_angle|360) | [Spot](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|5 light_dimradius|0 light_hassight|on light_angle|360) | [GM](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_hassight|off light_radius|5 light_dimradius|5 light_angle|360) [Candle](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|5 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) | [Lamp](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|30 light_dimradius|15 light_angle|360) | [Torch](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|40 light_dimradius|20 light_angle|360) [Hooded Lantern](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|60 light_dimradius|30 light_angle|360) | [Bullseye Lantern](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|120 light_dimradius|60 light_angle|90) [Darkvision](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_hassight|on light_radius|60 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) | [DV90](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_hassight|on light_radius|90 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) | [DV120](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|off light_hassight|on light_radius|120 light_dimradius|0 light_angle|360) |  [*Light*](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|40 light_dimradius|20 light_angle|360) | [*Daylight*](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|120 light_dimradius|60 light_angle|360) | [*Faerie Fire*](!token-mod --set light_otherplayers|on light_radius|1 light_angle|3600 light_dimradius|0 statusmarkers|purple light_angle|360)}} Snuff turns off all light Sight turns on sight Blind turns off sight Spot gives a character a slight spotlight so that players can see it more easily. Good for ghosts GM puts a spotlight on an NPC that only the GM can see. Makes it easy to find dark minis on dark maps The next two lines are standard light sources The Darkvision lines control the various DV ranges in 5e The last line is lighting for common spells, Faerie Fire is a Spot light with a purple status marker.