Hey Readers! This game is strictly 18+ and will have adult themes such as brothels and prostitution. While debauchery will be referenced, no sex will be role played. This game intends to be as tasteful as possible, no sex/slave trafficking, and all prostitutes depicted are be treated like any other trade profession. My #1 goal is to make everyone comfortable, and strict ground rules will be set prior to starting the game. Banter is allowed and encouraged. If mods or admins come across this post and have any issues with this listing, please contact me so I can comply with the rules as best as possible. I've recently posted an interest check regarding a 5e campaign that is about running a brothel. I've been talking to a few people interested in the game, and I feel comfortable enough to come back and see if anyone else might be interested. Link to the previous thread here:  https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/6864496/interest-check-18-plus-the-sirens-call-dungeons-and-dragons-5e/?pageforid=6864496#post-6864496 The game is looking like it will run Friday 9:00pm PDT. If you're interested, please private message me and we can talk about the game in more details. Thanks! Kalacha