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Bugfix for getSectionIDs on Development Server, going live November 13th

Steve K.
Roll20 Team
We're fixing an issue with the getSectionIDs function that is mistakenly returning unintended results. Currently if any part of the attribute name matches the section name parameter given to the function it returns it as a false positive. For example if you passed in "spells_level_1" you'd get those section ids back, but you'd also get section ids for "spells_level_10". We have this change on the Dev server right now for testing. In two weeks we will be pushing this change to live. If your sheets are using this function please take a moment to check to make sure that doesn't cause any unintended side effects and let us know if you run into any issues.
Stephanie B.
Roll20 Team
As noted in this week's release note , this change is now live. 
Hi, Since the issued over Thanksgiving my account has been switched to the basic free account. And since I am in the basic free account now I can not create a new post regarding that issue. So I am posting here about my account issue for assistance and I apologize in advance for being off topic. Will my account automatically be set back to the premium account that i have paid for for years. Or do I need to manually upgrade may account from the free basic version to the premium level that I use to have. Please advise and if there is an existing thread with this issue of people being downgraded and then not automatically been upgraded back up to what they originally had, please let me know. If this is am ongoing issue that has not been resolved yet, please provide an ETA if possible. Thank you.
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Hi Tallow, that is odd and unfortunate to say the least! As it is an account enquiry please email <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for a quicker and more private resolution.
Thank you I appreciate your time.