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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D20 JUDGE DREDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm getting refreshed up on the my mega citi one campaign for way back when I will be running a game soon. I'm gonna be looking for players that are interested in a "perp" campaign. keep your ears open folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if interested leave contact info here or pm me I'm looking for mature players that can play on the regular basis after 6pm est the day is still open but not monday or tuesday.
Very interested! However, the time isn't the greatest, as it'd be starting at 11pm for me. This isn't too bad, but it mostly depends on the length of the sessions, and I can't do Saturdays, as that's when I DM my 4E game.
sorry friend Im not gonna start my game at 11 pm

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I might be interested depending on the day. My Tuesday, Friday, and Saturdays are off the table. I would prefer a 7pm EST start. I've never read any of the comic books or anything, but I was always fascinated by what kind of stories could be told in such a facist state.