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West Marches style game set in the Destiny Universe!

Hey all, I've been putting a fair chunk of time into organizing and setting up a west marches styled game for Destiny. We'll be using the Savage Worlds system with a few tweaks to better fit the IP. New players are more than welcome as I'm happy to take time to teach anyone who's interested. As I said, this will take place in the setting of Destiny. For those who are unfamiliar, Destiny is based in our own solar system. Long ago a powerful entity of the Light called the Traveller arrived in our solar system. It took humanity under its wing, terraforming much of the system, and caused our kind to flourish into a golden age and gifted its chosen with the almost magical power of the light. This age of light could not last, however as the para-causal Darkness soon followed our Traveler to Sol. The Traveler did what it could to protect us, but much was lost. Now, only one great city of Earth is left and our holdings across the solar system have been claimed by the various forces of darkness.  The players in this game are Guardians, powerful wielders of the the light who have been brought back from the grave countless times in defense of the last city. As this is a West Marches style game, there is no set time for the game. Players will be expected to form their own parties or fireteams to take on bounties and missions. A bounty will typically take 1 session to complete, and will prepare the guardians to take on a more important mission which will change the course of events in a grander story fashion.  At the moment, I am the only GM for this game, but I'd be open to bringing on others so we can each create content for various planets and storylines. For the Destiny veterans, you will find new stories and new characters here. There will be some divergence from the canon of the games, for example many NPCs such as the Vanguard will be replaced (perhaps even by players, later on) Additionally, there will be new and interesting exotic pieces of gear available. If this sounds interesting or if you have any questions please let me know! At the moment, I'm organizing a set of one-shot adventures to showcase the system and setting.
Hey Angry Kobold, I'm very interested in this campaign. My role play experience is limited to 5e and have not had the pleasure of playing in a west marches styled game but I'm curious and I love destiny.
Hi there Daan! I'm more than happy to catch new players up to speed. If you're intered and available, the next 1 shot I'll be running still has 1 seat open. It'll be in 2 weeks on friday 7pm cst. If that doesn't work I'll be having more in the near future as I work on gathering people for the game.
Scratch that last bit, the last seat filled up, but I am looking to put together more trial 1 shots still.