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LFP - Every Other Wednesday Night (Usually) 6:30 - 9:30 Pacific Dungeon World (Revised)

Hello, I've been DMing a campaign for about 3 years now that has had members come and go. We have a pretty sold group of a couple of players, but looking for one or two more to play Dungeon World (Revised). The "Revised" part is that there has been some fairly significant fixes/changes to the core rules, but the basics of the game exist intact for the most part. A lot more spells were added, some new classes, new races (and abilities) and a couple new mechanics.  We are in mid-campaign (the second campaign as the first one lasted over 2 The two current players have been in campaign(s) for about a year and a half joining in the first campaign near the last third or so.  It is an 18+ game, so no kiddies. Some experience with DW would be very nice, but I'm willing to teach. We stay pretty hard to the 9:30 end time, but might go a some minutes over (especially in the summer) and end of session stuff usually begins around 9:20-9:30, so wrapping up takes between 10-15 minutes.  The campaign so far has been very interesting. We have a character who is a hold over from the previous campaign who was preserved "somehow" over an approximate 100 year time jump ahead. The other character has ties to the previous campaign, only loosely. There is some pretty well established lore because of the two campaigns bleeding into one another, however the new threat/issue that the party faces takes them to a new continent (and back to the old one periodically).   We are currently porting over to a Discord server (gonna drop TS) and if interested I could take in a new or two player.  We might have an old player coming back as life got in the way for them, but they will probably rejoin in a few months they said.  So, while they just left I thought it would be a good idea to try and recruit a new player.
One thing to add is that it isn't every other Wednesday always. Sometimes we go back to back, and sometimes we have two weeks in between. Just works out based upon schedules/holidays and such. In other words, if most of your Wednesdays are open, shouldn't be a problem.