Linked Character Tokens Shrink When Dragged From Journal Onto Map

I'm having a bit of an issue with character size. When I link a token to a sheet, and then proceed to drag it onto a map, it appears but it's TINY, like less than half the size of the hex(which it's meant to almost fill). Before linking the token to a sheet I make sure to change the proportions of the token to just how I want it and set all the other parameters and all that. But nothing seems to work, it still pops out being tiny when dragged from journal. HALP!
First thing that comes to mind: Right-click the token, select ADVANCED, make sure IS DRAWING is not highlighted. This can cause size issues if it's selected. Just a possibility.
Roll20 Mod Team
Check your map settings. Do you have the grid size set to a number other than 1? Perhaps .5? Regardless of the map setting, does it match the map setting of the map on which you are setting the default token?