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[V5][Vampire] Looking For New Player - Monday nights GMT


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Hi All i'm running a V5 Vampire game set in New Orleans. We're a few sessions into our story and sadly we've lost a player, as such i'd like to bring us back up to 4 players. The team are all playing Neonates and we have a mix of skill, but all are experienced Roll Players in general. Ideally we'd be looking for someone who has familiarity with the game line as a minimum. We play every Monday night at about 7:45pm British time and use Discord. The chronicle is in it's early stages at the moment and is about the neonates making their way in the WOD, and make a name for themselves. There should be opportunities for all types of gameplay, but i do reward good character work and like to emphasise the personal Horror aspect of the game, as well as put you in strange situations and see where it leads you. The New Orleans in this story has just recovered from a huge storm that not only shook up the city, but also the Kindred living there - After the storm, the majority of the Elder population seemingly vanished - destroyed, beckoned, revenged upon; that remains to be seen. There is a distinct power vacuum that needs to be filled, as well as other powers that have designs on the city... message me if interested, we can chat a bit and i can cover more background of what has happened, but more importantly what we're after in the group.   Thanks for reading
As a player in Chris' V5 game I can honestly say it's the best Vampire the Masquarade game I have ever seen. The ST has tons of cWOD experience and knowledge and is doing fantastic job with them. It's a real personal, psychological horror - as it should be! I enjoy After the Storm very much and I strongly recommend it :)
Do you have room for one more? I might be interested in playing a Toreador or Tremere. Any idea what time this would be in my native timezone of U.S. Eastern time?
I loved playing Vampire The Masquerade but I've been looking for a group for a little while. If you've got a spot open let me know!