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Warhammer 40k Deathwatch macro help

I'm trying to make a macro for being able to make a characteristic skill check with the modifier included. The character sheet has a formula already made that i want to use, but i'm new to making macros and cant seem to turn the formula into a usable command. If someone could help me out, i'd greatly appreciate it. 
Olá mano /  Hi, Brother A macro abaixo pode não te ajudar,porem acredito que possa te dar uma ideia de como executar a sua. A macro em questão pede ao jogador para selecionar a pericia (com o token selecionado), a jogada é realizada já com a proeficiency. /  The macro below may not help you, but I believe it can give you an idea of how to run yours. The macro in question asks the player to select the skill (with the token selected), the move is already performed with the proeficiency. Se voce observa cada número na ficha tem um código, basta vc posicionar o mouse em cima desse numero e aguardar uns segundos que o codigo aparece. /  If you notice each number on the card has a code, simply place the mouse on top of that number and wait a few seconds for the code to appear. espero ter ajudado./  Hope this helps. &{template:default} {{name=Teste de Perícias }} {{?{Selecione a Perícia:| Acrobatics (DEX), Acrobatics=[[1d20+@{selected|acrobatics_bonus}]]|Animal Handling (WIS), Animal Handling =[[1d20+@{selected|animal_handling_bonus}]]|Arcana (INT), Arcana=[[1d20+@{selected|arcana_bonus}]]|Athletics (STR), Athletics=[[1d20+@{selected|athletics_bonus}]]|Deception (CHA), Deception =[[1d20+@{selected|deception_bonus}]]|History (INT), History=[[1d20+@{selected|history_bonus}]]|Insight (WIS),Insight=[[1d20+@{selected|insight_bonus}]]|Intimidation (CHA), Intimidation =[[1d20+@{selected|intimidation_bonus}]]|Investigation (INT),Investigation=[[1d20++@{selected|investigation_bonus}]]|Medicine (WIS),Medicine=[[1d20+@{selected|medicine_bonus}]]|Nature (INT),Nature=[[1d20+@{selected|nature_bonus}]]|Perception (WIS),Perception=[[1d20+@{selected|perception_bonus}]]|Performance (CHA),Performance=[[1d20+@{selected|performance_bonus}]]|Persuasion (CHA),Persuasion=[[1d20+@{selected|persuasion_bonus}]]|Religion (INT), Religion=[[1d20+@{selected|religion_bonus}]]|Sleight of Hand (DEX), Sleight of Hand=[[1d20+@{selected|sleight_of_hand_bonus}]]|Stealth (DEX),Stealth=[[1d20+@{selected|stealth_bonus}]]|Survival (WIS),Survival=[[1d20+@{selected|survival_bonus}]]}}}
Sheet Author
What is the formula the character sheet uses? Show us that and we should be able to turn it into a macro.
(@characteristic+modifier+0-1d100)/10. That's all i can tell. sorry if that's not much help.