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LF2P - Free - 8:30pm EST Weekly Saturdays - Rise of Tiamat

Hi Fam, Looking for 2 more players to play in Rise of Tiamat ongoing game.  We're a bit into the campaign already, chapter 2. Most of the current players are new and pretty much aggro everything sooooo, it's a much higher ratio of combat to rp; but hopefully one day I'll get them to rp more.  :) The plan is to run through all the WOTC modules, maybe one day do some homebrew stuff. We're currently playing every Saturday at 8:30 PM EST start time.  Characters are 9th level.  All WOTC official books classes / races etc. is open.  We use Feats and Backgrounds.  Multi-classing is allowed.  Character stats:  Roll 4d6 keep highest 3.  For each stat.   Roll (2) lines and take whichever you prefer.  We're kinda using an mish-mash of standard loot + the new adventure league treasure point stuff.  So you'll start with: 500GP + 1d10*25GP + 1 uncommon magic item, + normal starting equipment in addition will have: +1,725 GP 300 Treasure Points In the forums on the game has tables showing the costs of items and such, in addition can potentially buy feats / charms / blessings, etc. Feel free to buy things with the monies. The current party make-up: barbarian/fighter (drow) sorc/cleric (aasimar protector) ranger/fighter (drow) sorc (wood-elf) wizard (human) Please reply here or private message me if interested.  Next game is this coming Saturday:  12/8/18.  Thanks all!
Forgot to mention, we're using Discord for voice
Hi, if this is still open I would really be interested. I’ve played campaigns before so I’m not new to the game and how it works. I have a friend who would also be into it but I’m not sure on him at the moment. I’ve been looking for a fun campaign and would love to hear back from you.
Thanks Ethan.  Sent you a pm with further info.   Other than that, I think we're filled up.  DEVs please feel free to close this.  Thanks!   :)