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Wisper command in Macro ...

I tried searching for the answer to this question, but could not find anything. I have basically create a very simple Macro that I do not want my players to be able to see. I am using the Critical and Fumble APIs. With that I have created two separate Macros that will allow me to activate those APIs without having to type them out. Macro ... !critical !fumble What I am seeking is how to make it so when I activate these macros the result is whispered to me, making it so the players are unable to see the result. Thank you in Advance.
Sheet Author
I believe the results that are sent to chat come from within the script itself.  You might be able to modify the script by adding "/w gm" where appropriate and install it manually or  send Ryan J (the script's author) a PM with a polite request to include an option to whisper the results.
Thank you again Vince. I am going to have to contact Ryan J, since I don't see how to edit the script.