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Emote As in macros

In my campaign, I play as 2 characters,  its not ideal, but it is fun.  I really like having /me at the beginning of my macros and abilities to separate the roll and make it clear to the rest of the group who rolled.  This is especially needed when I play more than one character.  I know that I can change the name at the bottom of the chat, but I don't want to constantly keep track of that.  Much better would be an /as emote where the user could type in something like "/as Jim  Darkmagic" and have it display as if the user had changed the name at the bottom of the chat and done a /me.  
I agree with Ken M.'s suggestion; introducing commands by typing is more dynamic than choosing options with the mouse (like with "Speak As"), although you need to remember the syntax (even if it can be real easy), and commands/syntaxes can be added to macros as well.  More Text Chat box features have been requested.
Maybe the ability to use a /color red or /cr or something of the sort with other colors in order to broaden our ability of chat commands.  I can separate which NPC talking by the color of their text.  Just stuff to broaden the chat function
this would be great. I just populated a dungeon with a load of monster characters and all my macros start with /me so they stand out against player rolls, being able to have hen listed as dragon or gnoll instead would be great.
I have seen in another forum that some people create a blank character with no name and the the do something like /me Jim Darkmagic in their macros.  I guess that is a decent workaround, But I think it would be nice for the GM to emote as anyone, even a creature not created yet.
This would be really handy for people that play more than one character. I'd like to see this implemented.