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[LFG] D&D Noob - I'm also a streamer/aspiring voice actor

D&D Noob - I'm also a streamer looking to play with other streamers. I enjoy voice acting. I can play weeknights, typicall 9:30pm (est) and beyond.
Hey, we are looking at adding a member to our group. We don't stream, but we are all people who get deeply immersed into our characters, so a voice actor would be very welcome. If you're interested, feel free to message me
Hey Andrew! I would be down to join! I’m  super new to D&D, but with the Character i have in mind I feel that I could make it work. If your crew is okay with me recording it and using the recordings on my stream or even for a podcast I would love to join.
You may considered trying a hand at GMing. As a player you are one voice as a GM you are legion. :)
Hey! I actually am starting a game in person with cousins to givenit a go. But I want a game where I could just play as 1 adventurernonline.