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[LFG][DnD 5e][EST][Any day but Friday Night!]

Yo, I am normally a DM but I had some ideas for character concepts and would like to run them through a few campaigns to see how well they work out, or if I can create better NPCs for my world based on the character I build in yours. I value roleplay way more than combat, so I am not a fan of "min/maxing", I'm more for the fluff of the class/race/background. Even if it's just a one shot, I'd be fine with it, but would prefer something to spend some time on and let grow. If interested, PM me!
I should also mention that I'm totally down with playing an NPC or a villain. Not the best at voices, but like I said I enjoy roleplaying, and if I can help you out while helping myself at the same time well, the better.
does friday afternoon work?
Nah sorry I can't do Fridays at all. I use Friday (session Friday night) along with some other days to prepare for my homebrewn campaign.
I might have room in my campaign. Just put post on a different comment. But we play Sundays 7/8pm est. And need a few more people as our numbers have dropped.
Invite is open. Can talk after work today if interested can be on around 10.