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How Have I Messed Up Such a Simple Macro?

I'm trying to make a super simple macro that prompts for either a regular d20 roll or two d20s at once (adv/disadv). If you select regular, you have the option to input how many d20s (1d20, 2d20, 3d20, etc.) plus a modifier. If you select multi, it should prompt for a modifier used on both of the d20s, then display each side by side. For some reason, though, the drop-down menu gives me the options "Normal" and "1". Selecting Normal gives a gibberish prompt, then outputs more gibberish with like 4 d20 rolls spaced throughout. 1 asks for a modifier then does nothing. Any help?
Scott C.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
This is because roll queries terminate at the first }  they encounter, separate into new options at each | , and split into option name and option value at each comma. In order to nest roll queries, you need to do html encoding per the advanced roll query information . While the above is certainly possible, I might suggest that you look at using api command buttons to create a chat menu instead as it is less prone to nesting errors.