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[LFP][5E][Saturday][PST - 8:30] The Covered Sky | Genres: Mystery and Survival


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Hello, I am the DM for this campaign. Due to various circumstances, I need to look for one more player to the campaign even though the campaign has already been started. Some Elements of the Campaign, including the Story, are Homebrew Campaign Synopsis: - There was an event long ago that correlates with an extreme growth of the forest. What that event was us unclear. - There are creatures running around of unknown origin. - Humanoid races have been pushed into relatively small settlements, and venturing far from a settlement is viewed as suicidal. - The players are hooked into solving the origin of the creatures, and also a change that occurred in them. - You will start at Level 6 (The same level as the rest of the group) Campaign Restrictions: - Some races unavailable because they do not make sense in my world (War-Forged, Tortle, ect), but with most races I might be able to work something out. - Work might need to be done to fit some of the backgrounds with the world. DM Strengths (From the DM's Own View): - Strong World Building - Whats a rail road? (Though if the players are struggling to find purpose, I will prompt a potential plot hook) - Abides by rule's they have laid out ahead of time. - Good at descriptions of terrain and environment - Open to criticism if approached with suggestions or concerns DM Weaknesses: - I have difficulty doing character voices - Occasionally misjudge encounter difficulty (No one has died yet, but that is because the players saved themselves) - Once in combat, I tend to describe less and focus on the mechanics. - Tend to have problems with people saying I MUST do something a certain way, or like I owe them something PC's: - Changling Bard, - Human, Fighter(1) Druid(5) - Triton Cleric - Firbolg Monk (This player is no longer with us) Our group is pretty easy going, but there are a few traits that I think a player should have to blend well with our group: - Be kind - Be understanding - Be respectful
Hey! This game sounds rad, and I'd definitely be down to join. Drop me a line if you're still looking for someone.