As the title states I would really like to do one of the APs, or several.  Details: The only AP I'm not interested in at all is Hell's Vengeance, just not big on evil games. Otherwise I like the looks of some more than others but will play any. I can play any day as long as the game starts at 8 or 9 pm central  My preference would be to find a group of people like myself who don't have a regularly scheduled  game who would like one and maybe we could even do a few APs(or possibly move into other stuff later) even if we had to trade of GM duties or something. But, a one off is good too. I'm not opposed to a pay to play game either, though I can only justify spending so much so I'd have to see. I've been a PF player since the beginning and I'd really like to play some of the Paizo adventures before everyone abandons them in favor of 2E. I'm very well versed in the rules and I've played a few games on roll20 so I'm decent with macros and the like.