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Nested Query Help

The latest update for the 5e OGL character sheet broke one of my macros and for the life of me I can't get it working again. I understand that nested queries need some syntax changed as per here but I can't figure out what exactly needs to be changed. The macro is meant to ask how many dice are rolled and then roll d10's equal to that amount. Any help is appreciated. ?{Harvest's Scythe|No, 0|Yes, [[?{Dice Used|1|2}]]d10 [Harvest's Scythe]}
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I believe if you later open a global macro to view/edit, roll20 will convert your special character substitutions which breaks your nested query. ;-( So, paste and never open to view/edit, unless you re-enter the special character substitutions.  Maybe keep a word doc offline with your original special character macros. Try this; ?{Harvest's Scythe|No, 0|Yes, [[?{Dice Used|1|2}d10 [Harvest's Scythe] ]]}
^^^ Offline macro masters have saved me many times. I have a different notepad document (its the basic text) for each type of nesting selection (i.e., level 0 spells, level 1 spells, summon monster 1 selection&stats, character class unique actions (EX/SA/SU, and the like). Only make changes in the master, make sure to save, save, save... then copy the WHOLE nested macro from the saved document to paste into the macro box in roll20. If you save and close the macro in roll20, it will work as long as you don't open it again (unless to update).
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If you save your code in a Character Ability on a Macro Sheet , the reversion will not happen and your code will remain workable and editable. Plus if you keep your macros as abilities on a single sheet, you can move that sheet from game to game. Also, if you switch to Chat Menus over queries, you'll never have to mess with the conversion in the first place. If you just really prefer queries and are running into problems with them getting overly-complicated, here's a spreadsheet-based drop down nester generator made by Scott C.

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Wouldn't it be simpler for the textarea handling in macro-text boxes to automatically be handled like code (treated like <pre>MACRO</pre> or something...) insertion and NOT convert special characters?
The changes you made worked perfectly Vince. I'll definitely be creating a backup of all macros now. Thanks all