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QR Chat Menu Not Working

So I've made a Quick Reference Chat Menu for DnD 5e in one of my games. I did this my making a bunch of macros and having them reference each other: Main Menu &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Quick Reference}} {{name=Actions & More}} {{description=[Movement](!
#1Movement ) *Limited by Movement Speed* [Action](!
#1Action ) *1/Turn* [Bonus Action](!
#1BonusAction ) *Max. 1/Turn* [Reaction](!
#1Reaction ) *Max. 1/Turn* [Conditions](!
#1Conditions ) [Environmental Effects](!
#1EnvironmentalEffects ) }} Movement &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Movement}} {{name=limited by movement speed}} {{description=You can move at any time during your turn (before, after, or during actions). [Climb](!
#Climb ) -Cost: 10ft per 5ft [Crawl](!
#Crawl ) -Cost: 10ft per 5ft [Difficult Terrain](!
#DifficultTerrain ) -Cost Modifer: +5ft per 5ft [Drop Prone](!
#DropProne ) -Cost: 0ft [Grapple Move](!
#GrappleMove ) -Modifier: Half Speed [High Jump](!
#HighJump ) -Cost: 5ft per 5ft [Improvise](!
#ImproviseM ) -Any stunt not on this list [Long Jump](!
#LongJump ) -Cost: 5ft per 5ft [Move](!
#Move ) -Cost: 5ft per 5ft [Stand Up](!
#StandUp ) -Cost: Half Movement Speed [Swim](!
#Swim ) -Cost: 10ft per 5ft }} CLIMB &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Climb}} {{name=Movement}} {{description=-May involve a Strength (Athletics) check if the climb is difficult PHB, pg. 182. }} Which works just fine, however I'm trying to convert it all over to the Attributes on a character sheet so I can keep it and possibly use it for other games without having to remake it each time. I tried this with referenceing attributes on a character sheet such as: %{Arbor|1Action}  but its just not working. Any help?
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If you're referencing attributes, you should be using the @ character, e.g. @{Arbor|1Action} If you're refernecing Abilities, you have a much bigger problem. The ability name is just a pointed to another macro. When you run the above macro, all abilities within it are expanded, and if they contain any characters that need html entities, the macro will fail. Worse, you may not be easily able to replace them, because they might require more than one level of nesting, which is a pain to deal with.  The way most people get around this is to create a menu of API buttons in chat, instead of a dropdown menu.
yeah... i'm doing this without API, i might just have to go back to the normal macro system then.
Gen Kitty
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You do not need a Pro subscription to use api buttons.  I don't have the how-to handy, but I know Keith^wsomeone will chime in with it :)

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Most uses of the keywords "selected" and target" can replace character names. The key concept I would recommend is to forgo using any Macros (the ones on the Collections tab) unless you have to. Compose all "macro code" as Abilities on a sheet set aside just for this purpose. The syntax becomes very simple and you need not use html replacements at all in most cases. [button name](~AbilityName) will reference any ability on the same sheet. To reference an attribute of the selected character, use @{selected|attributename} See here for a Macro Sheet (Technically an Ability Sheet), and here for Chat menus . And post back here if you have any questions. BTW, here is a Stupid Trick if you want tidier looking roll templates.
Kieth, that is 100% what I'm looking for. Thank you, i'll play around with it and get back to you if I have any issues.