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Subfolders as Handouts

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This is an Idea i had, as i worked with OneNote and Transfered some of my Notes into the Session and saw how i would like to Organize my Subfolders/Folders and Handouts.  I dont know if there's allready a way to achive what i want but i would like to have the ability to Handle Subfolders just like an Handout Page where you could add a Picture and some information. Just to give you an idea what you can do with it:  |  >  Folder - City A  |  >  (Handout about City A, maybe a Picture that shows City A when you click on the Icon of the Folder, you can Open it by clicking the + as Normal)  |        --> Subfolder Important Characters (No Handout Needed) |                --> Just Simple Handout's/NPC sheets about important NPC's |        --> Subfolder About Places in the City A  (A Picture of the map and a Legend 1.Townsquare, 2. Temple, 3 Tavern etc...)  |                --> Description of the Places and who or what you can find there This gives me the Ability to Organize the structure of the Notes in my Game as i like to handle my journal like a "Wiki" for the knowledge of the Player Characters. I hope my Description and Demonstration is clear.  Cheers! 
You can do something similar to this using