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Virtual Tabletop, Fog of War and Dynamic Lighting.

I want to run a virtual tabletop for a paper based 5e campaign. I have the maps etc and I want to run the game from a laptop and run the maps on a tv in the table. I have greated the game and joined with another chrome tab (will ultimately be a window on the tv). Is there a way I can use tokens on the GM map that the players can't control but as I move then to where the player miniatures are they will show dynamic lighting to the players? I see that it works If I give control over to a player but I want to control all movement on the laptop screen and reveal LoS on the tv, Thanks in advance.
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Firstly, you might find this page a good read:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Basically, you want a composite revealed Advanced Fog of War, where anything seen by any player is seen by all players. The only way to do that automatically is with an API script, which requires a game created by an active Pro subscriber. Observer is designed with this use case in mind, there are some other options on that page above.&nbsp; To do this manually, you can either give control of all player tokens to the user logged into the session for the table, or you can use the Fog of War reveal tools to show areas.&nbsp;
I am an active pro user so I will look into it but I’m a total Roll20 virgin so it’s quite a bit to take in.&nbsp; FYI I am trying to get it working in Curse if Strahd which I have bought through R20.&nbsp; Thanks for for the reply. I’ll let you know if I figure it out.&nbsp;
Still a bit lost. I want to run R20 on 1 machine with a separate chrome window maxemised on the tv. I don’t want any icons on the tv but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if there were icons under the miniatures. I want everything that fog of war has cleared to be visible to the players as long as their is a light source or a character carrying a light source but I want control of this on the laptop screen alone.&nbsp; I haven’t found anything yet that lets me do that without having to move icons on the tv screen.&nbsp;
Create a free account and join your own game as a player (give that player access to control all characters) then log into the extra browser that you will use as the 'player' screen.&nbsp; This also gives your players if you want them to have it the ability to move their characters too.
The whole point is that I don't want to have to control the position of the players or light sources on the TV. I want the tv to be able to view everything that the players combined can see but control it on the laptop screen. If I join as a player on the tv screen I would have to control the light sources on the tv no?
No, you would be logged in with the GM account on the laptop. The GM can move every token. &gt; I want the tv to be able to view everything that the players combined can see Use an account on the TV screen that is set to be controlling all player tokens. In this way this account will while being logged in see everything the players can see combined into one view (because its one account controlling multiple characters). Tokens set up in that way could be moved by The GM (because he can always move anything) The TV Account (because he is controlling the tokens) The players respective accounts (who will be able to control their individual tokens)