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One or two more players wanted for Elder Scrolls based campaign.

Hello guys,  So far we gathered three players for an elder scrolls based game, planned to start friday this week, starting at 4pm on the east coast.

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I would be down. What system would it be.
Dnd 5E, I could add you if you want
I'm UK based but would be interested if it would work time wise, will the time always be the same and do you have any requirements etc? cheers
hello hass no requirements really, and I plan to keep that time since my other players are on the east coast of USA, and I'm in eastern europe, so whe have a 6 hour difference already, but if you want I can send you a discord link
I think 4pm EST would be 9pm GMT? which isn't too bad for a friday.  Not sure if it will work out but i'd like to put my hat in the ring, elder scrolls campaign sounds great! ill Pm you my discord
Complete beginner based in UK could easily be available for this time. Fast learner and extremely keen.