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[LFP] [D&D 5e] [Paid] Tomb of Annihilation @ Monday 19:00 GMT!


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Hello Roll20, I'm Matt, a fun loving DM who's looking for some adventurers to take on iconic and exciting adventures. I've been running for all sorts of wonderful people here in the Roll20 community, and this time, we are opening a brand new game of Tomb of Annihilation to take place Mondays at 19:00 GMT (2pm Eastern) . We'll be starting fresh at level 1! This is a great opportunity not only for first time players, but veterans who are looking to get into one of the most highly acclaimed campaign settings. If you're not sure what Tomb of Annihilation is like, it's a lovely mix of indiana jones, tomb raider, and jurassic park with an undead threat thrown in. Plenty to explore and plunder, and it's a relatively open ended campaign! Sessions should be  about 4 hours , with a few breaks in the middle. It should be a fun ride! With a lot of supplemental content, extra resources and a lot of experience running the setting, it's bound to be an adventure very different from your usual table. I've a lot of experience running premium games, and am pretty conscious about what people expect from them. The first game is free , come see if you like it! Our games and groups are very new player friendly! We're more than happy to walk you through character creation if that's something new to you. By the end of the introductory content, even as a brand new player, you should be comfortable with the game and its systems. If you're a veteran but have never played a written campaign before, it has a lot to offer - hopefully with you joining us. You can find more info about me and the campaign in the LFG post, linked below. The games all feature the full weight of a   Roll20 Pro subscription   (custom sheets, API scripts, great dynamic lighting effects, sound and music if that's your thing too), and all the experience of a GM with thousands of hours running games for the community. I've also purchased every official publication and compendium to use, along with several from reputable publishers such as Kobold Press' material, and supplements that definitely add to each of the different adventures in their own way. Plenty to see!  The  games listed are pay to play. If you're not sure if this type of game is right for you,  you can visit my old feedback thread , or jump into our Discord and talk to any of the players playing my other current running games. Check out the LFG post for the game here, where you can apply to play! This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $20 USD per session via PayPal (first game is free!). Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
We still have up to two character slots open if people want to bungle in the jungle. It's a great time!