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5E Campaign Hardcore Campaign Wed 7:00 PM CST

Wednesday Night 7:00 PM CST  campaign has room for one more player. We would like to have a total of 6 players so we can usually have at least 4 for a session. We are a mature group of players who can handle the Hardcore aspect of these house rules: Rolled stats (3d6 roll three sets choose best one) , Static Hit Points (start with a lot of HPs but they never go up,  game is balanced to reflect this) , Debilities, Unpredictable Magic, Frivolous Gods , Level every 1000 XP, and Pay for training and research to Level up . This is not for the squeamish, but the role play is great.  If you feel you are up to this kind of D&D role playing challenge this might just be the game for you. Interested folk should respond here with a simple character concept , example, Dwarf Cleric or Gnome Wizard. Those with a concept that will fit the campaign will receive a private message. Please do not express interest if your will not show up for your first session, too much of this kind of stuff going on here at Roll20. Current Group is a human barbarian, a human sorceress, an elf druid, a human rogue, and a dwarf cleric. Thank you.

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I’m interested in joining! About how long would sessions run on Wednesday nights?  If things work out I’d be running a Half-elf bard. 
Interested here. Fairly experienced with D&D, but new to Roll20. And flexible with what I can play.
Alright, got my attention. Minotaur, Heavy Crossbow Fighter Mountain Dwarf, Cleric of the Forge Hill Dwarf, Cleric of Light or Life Dragonborn, Paladin Oath of Conquest or Devotion depending on what would be a good synergy. If you're interested just let me know, I'm flexible with any race/class.