Greetings! We pushed some code live this morning. Enhancements Support for the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords  release. Update text for support and account pages to include audio. Marketplace Animations - minor UI fixes and icon update Bugs Fixed Deleted games don't delist from pickup games Attributes are hidden for some monsters (dragons, demons, etc.) in the 5e compendium. The Pathfinder Bestiary was not working in the VTT for Pathfinder. The Bestiary list view is still not resolving on the web page, but should work when accessing it from the VTT now. Selecting "Show Closed without Status" in the Suggestions Forum revealed old posts in other forums Top of content box cut off when trying to send PMs. Character Sheets 5e Sheet Worker Refactoring: Reduced the total size of the D&D 5e sheet by about 200 lines of code and sped up change listeners by 2-3 seconds. This should improve performance of every campaign that uses the official 5e sheet. Updated Directions for the D&D 5e API Companion. If you haven't read the road map, check it out  here . Looking for previous release notes?  Read the full list on the wiki , or check out the immediate previous note  here .