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Give the players more control over tokens that they own.

Score + 39
Hi there, I would really love to see the possibility of players being able to more finely control their own character tokens. Players being able to resize their own tokens, or even simply be able to flip them to change their facing direction, would be an absolute godsend. Currently, it's just an additional chore of the DM having to micromanage tokens that he shouldn't need to. I don't believe the added functionality here could be an abuse case, as players already have far greater tools for griefing in the form of the drawing tools. I fully believe that this additional control would be nothing but a benefit and greatly enhance boards that involve non-top-down tokens. It just feels like a needless restriction. Here is the current workaround that we use at the moment , but as you can see it becomes extremely cluttered very quickly if you have a lot of tokens. I would be extremely grateful if these permissions were reviewed for 2019, and I look forward to many more great campaigns hosted on Roll20! Best Regards, Greysion
Personally I'd love to be able to set attributes to bars without having to bug the GM to do it whenever I get a new resource or something.
Mike W.
Sheet Author
I would specifically like to allow a player to be able to do the same things a GM can do to a player’s token. All GM right click options of the token. All the Edit token options a GM has (Which can be done with the VTT Enhancement Suite). Assign a Token to a character sheet  (Which can be done with the VTT Enhancement Suite).
There's a google chrome extension? That's pretty cool. I definitely need to check that out. I'd kill for a lot of your suggestions @Mike W. It'd be so much easier to let the players sort themselves out instead of the GM basically having to babysit them. It feels really bad to have to ask your GM " Um... Can you turn my token again please? " kinda deal.
+1, and wow I never knew of the VTT Enhancement Suite. They have it both for Chrome and Firefox. All their featured should be part of Roll20.
I just learned of that Enhancement Suite myself. That extension is such a huge promotion for roll20.  Considering Roll20 is all about promoting free user made content(at least here in the forums), I am very surprised that extension is not pinned at the top of a forum or part of the wiki. 
Sheet Author
Hey wow, that's a handy enhancement suite! I'll have to poke it towards my GM