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D&D: Pre-Order Ghosts of Saltmarsh


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Ahoy, me maties! We've spotted land and who knows how many adventures it bespeaks! ...Arrr, make that seven. Seven adventures exactly. Get seven nautical adventures the upcoming D&D release, Ghosts of Saltmarsh , coming to Roll20 on May 21, 2019 and available for pre-order right now ! Ghosts of Saltmarsh  combines some of the most popular classic adventures from the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons including the classic ‘U’ series, plus some of the best nautical adventures from the history of  Dungeon  Magazine: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh Danger at Dunwater The Final Enemy Salvage Operation Isle of the Abbey Tammeraut’s Fate The Styes All adventures have been faithfully adapted to the fifth edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons. Furthermore, this book includes details on the port town of Saltmarsh, as well as plenty of adventure hooks for each chapter. Play through the whole story in a seafaring campaign leading characters from level 1 through level 12, or Dungeon Masters can easily pull out sections to place in ongoing campaigns in any setting. The appendices also cover mechanics for ship-to-ship combat, new magic items, monsters, and more! Pre-order Ghosts of Saltmarsh now for $49.95 USD and set sail for adventure right on release day! D&D, Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Dungeons & Dragons, their respective logos, and Wizards of the Coast are property of Wizards of the Coast LLC. ©2019 Wizards. All Rights Reserved.

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Update . Wizards of the Coast has changed the release date for all retailers to May 21st, 2019. We have adjusted dates accordingly. Thanks for your understanding.