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Eldritch Blast Macro (5e)

Hey guys i'm pretty new to r20 and I noticed the "cantrip beam" progression, which i read was basically just for Eldritch Blast, doesn't work. I was wondering if someone had a macro to make it immediately roll each beam by character level, and how to use it! 
write it such that it tries to roll all 4 beams, but multiplies each iterative beam by a mathematical function such as the floor function, that can be tweeked to return 1 if level is equal to or higher than the break point, and 0 if it is lower.  So at low levels you get 1d10 + 0 + 0 + 0 and at three beams you would get your 1d10+1d10+1d10+0 and what ever else you need.

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Due to the way Eldritch blast works. Each blast has a different attack roll and different damage roll. Since each beam can target a different creature and you can move or re target after each shot. It's best to just roll the macro multiple times. Treating Eldritch blast like a sword( or other physical attack) is the best. Cantrips like Fire Bolt, you can use a single damage calculation like  ((@{level} + 1) / 6 + 0.5)d8.
This is my script solution for Eldritch Blast: ***@{selected|token_name}'s eyes flash with the color of crimson*** *as a spell is cast, using the attack rolls:* ***for the first beam:*** *[[1d20 + @{selected|charisma_mod} [Charisma] + @{selected|PB} [Proficiency] ]] / [[1d20 + @{selected|charisma_mod} [Charisma] + @{selected|PB} [Proficiency] ]]*,  ***for the second beam:*** *[[1d20 + @{selected|charisma_mod} [Charisma] + @{selected|PB} [Proficiency] ]] / [[1d20 + @{selected|charisma_mod} [Charisma] + @{selected|PB} [Proficiency] ]]*,  ***for the third beam:*** *[[1d20 + @{selected|charisma_mod} [Charisma] + @{selected|PB} [Proficiency] ]] / [[1d20 + @{selected|charisma_mod} [Charisma] + @{selected|PB} [Proficiency] ]]*! ***If successful against target's AC, then damage is [[1d10 ]]] / [[1d10 ]] / [[1d10 ]] force damage!*** /fx beam-charm @{target|Caster|token_id} @{target|Foe1|token_id} /fx beam-charm @{target|Caster|token_id} @{target|Foe2|token_id} /fx beam-charm @{target|Caster|token_id} @{target|Foe3|token_id} Cheers, Barry Smith
Thanks a lot!