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Recursive table help/question

I am trying to produce a table in chat made up of [[2d3+1]] lines where each line has the format below. Playername and Effect are text fields from rollable tables. Example  Fred 26 Thrown (Dc12Dex) PlayerName  AtkRoll  Effect Right now my Playername table has items like Name [[1t[Effect] ]] and my Effect table has items like [[1d20+6]] Poison (dc16 con) The idea is a macro that puts out 3-7 lines of Target DamageRoll Effect but I just can't seem to get it to work. !rt[Delimiter:BR|EmptyDefault:Nothing] /w gm &{template:default}{{[[ [2d3+1]1t[Playername] ]]}}    < this is the macro but it only shows one line unless I add1 more set of brackets around the 2d3+1 and then it gives me 50

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Diana P
Sheet Author
Try {{[[ ([[2d3+1]]*1)t[Playername] ]]}} or {{[[ [[2d3+1]]t[Playername] ]]}} the 1t in a  table call says to roll it 1x so you either need to multiply it by your calculation or replace the 1 with your calculation to get your number right.  I suspect that just butting the roll up against the 1 was giving it a value it parsed into 31, 41, 51, etc.