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Artwork(maps and token)no longer availible!

I had to take a break from roll 20 for a few weeks and when I returned to my campaign most of the images (artwork) for the maps, tokens and Handouts have disappeared and now show a broken image symbol.  What happened?
Dragon Dreamer
Roll20 Mod Team
Hello Mark D., Sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue. Can you verify if you have removed any images from you recent upload section? If you have any purchased content, does this issue appear with them?
I did not delete any of my uploads that I remember.  A little background is I run a campaign with another DM and We had switched to his campaign about 4 months ago so i have not had to log into my campaign stuff for over 4 months so i have no idea when it all went but it is all gone.  Everything i uploaded to my acc is gone.  None of the purchased items were affected.
Dragon Dreamer
Roll20 Mod Team
Hello again Mark D., Can you provide us the name of the campaign this is happening in?