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Prepared Spells Macro

I am trying to figure out how to right a macro that will show a list of all prepared spells for a player. For instance, a druid prepares his spells in the morning. As the DM I want to click a macro that will show me the list of spells he prepared for the day. I'd likely also want to be able to show used/remaining spell slots as well though that part should be easy. Is there a way to output only spells that have the prepared radial checked? This is for the 5e OGL sheet. Thanks.
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I do not think this is possible with the Roll20 sheet. It's built in to the Shaped Sheet, but I think you would need to use an API script to do it with the former.

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I think you are right. I was able to use a table to output all the spells in the book and mark the ones that are prepared. Ended up with this.  I just wish we could do conditional statements in macros. It would be so nice for a simple if/then statement. But this will do.