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[LFP][FREE][DND5e] Need 1 player for DND 5e Custom World

I am a DM running a game of 5e that has recently lost a player due to work scheduling, and we are looking to add another person to the fold! We welcome any player, whether you are a veteran or a brand new player! When: Thursdays, at 6:30pm EST every week. Where: Our Discord server and of course, on Roll20! How:  Send me a message here if you are interested in joining What you need:  We use a combination of DNDbeyond, Roll20, and Discord to run our games, so you will need accounts for all of that as well as a friendly attitude. We have a sharp start time due to people's families and responsibilities, so being punctual is a must.  A little about the game:  Fel is a continent divided into 6 pieces, a desolate desert called Severne, an untamed wilderness called the Uclin Barrier, and 3 nations. Merliscire is an Elven Kingdom, isolated from the other 2 nations by the Uclin Barrier. The Satrapy of Alard is a loose confederation of mountain dwelling Dwarves and Dragonborn, as well as travelers from the Empire of Alard on another continent. Alsdorei is a forest based nation of Fey aligned Elves that have been pushed back into their homes by invaders, which leads us to the final nation. The Republic of Dercel is where this group currently operates and where you will start with them. Dercel is a nation of Humans that once came here and fought against the Elves of Alsdorei for their land. Currently, Dercel is starting a bitter fight against those of Alsdorei once again, as the forces of the Elves have been bolstered by unknown means. However, they also are about to be engaged by the United Tribes of Uclin, comprised of various Orc tribes that have banded together under one leader.  The Current Party: Three remain of this group, while two others have left for now but will possibly return in the future. We have a Tabaxi Swashbuckler Rogue, a Tiefling Warlock, and a Half-Elf Warlock/Sorcerer left. The two members that are on hiatus are a Half-Elf Gloomstalker Ranger, and a Firbolg Druid/Barbarian.  Restrictions:  The good news is, there are little restrictions. You can, in theory, be whatever you want as long as it is unlocked in my campaign on DNDbeyond. That being said, if you choose to be something like an Elf from Alsdorei, passing through a nation such as Dercel may prove difficult, so be warned.  Final Word:  This campaign has political intrigue, in a world where things are changing. The gods are not barred from the Prime Material, and there is an overarching plot that has to do with those gods. This is a world where the only calamity type event is hidden from sight and little is known of it, but the possibility of dark ages looms ahead around the corner or in the shadows of buildings. Your actions in this world can greatly affect it as a whole, or leave you in a plane abandoned and suffering should you deal with the wrong creature. It is dangerous to go alone, so take your friends, and become a part of Talionis, a group fated to affect change on this continent, and possibly the world. 
I am very interested, played a little bit when I was younger. Looking to get back Into it.
I'd definitely be game. Intrigue in games is definitely my forté, and I prefer to make a character to round out a group. I've been hoping to play a Wizard or Paladin for a bit now, and I think either would fit well with the group that you have already.