Hi, I have played a session on roll20 before, few years ago. Was a pleasant experience. Was a 5E playthrough. Looking to try a Pathfinder one. More interested in a longer campaign. Not very experienced in all the rules though. I do try to know what im doing, but occasionally have to be corrected or unsure of conflicting things.  So dont mind if GM corrects me. Im not the most RP heavy person. I dont do voices, but I do try to play my character. Im more into the combat of the game. I find that the most fun. Not min/maxing or anything, but a challenge and the combat is just fun and trying to find ways to win. But dont mind RP at all, I just dont do voices or anything. Not the most creative and experience is limited. Puzzles can be fun to, dont mind. I can play any night after 6pm EST. Saturday all day and sunday nights/mornings. Looking for maybe once or twice a week.