I know I saw a post somewhere that had a tip on how to best compress large audio tracks that were past the 20mb limit, but now I can't find it. Most of my audio tracks are very long, especially for ambience or location-based tracks. They're usually 30+ minutes in length. Obviously these are too big to upload, but I don't want to have to chop them up into smaller files because that's a pain. They're all mp3 files. Is there a way to make them smaller? I read somewhere that converting them to an .ogg file would help, but I tried that in Adobe Audition and that made them larger.  Even just normal, 3-5 minute tracks I'd like to compress. I do the same with all the images I upload. I've got a Photoshop plugin that highly compresses the file sizes. I'd like to do the same with all the audio tracks, because I have a ton that I need to upload. Or would I be better off just figuring out how to use a Discord Bot or something?