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Player's Ability Score in the Thousands

Hi everyone. One of my players was trying to edit their Dexterity score in the Roll20 D&D 5e sheet and it started glitching out. The modifier is now over 25000, and the actual score is in light blue text and illegible. There is an asterisk underneath the score as well but I can't seem to find what that could mean. Their Dexterity Saving Throw bonus is also over 25000 and when rolling those are the numbers that appear. I've looked at the settings and tried editing it myself but nothing is fixing the issue. It should be noted that when scrolling over the blue number, it glitches back and forth between the number entered into the box and the blue text itself. Attempting to delete the number doesn't fix it either. Any help would be appreciated.
Baldur's Great
Roll20 Mod Team
Hi Aster. In which game is this occurring and to whose character? Can you post some screenshots of what you're describing?
Forum Champion
You could also try finding the dexterity score on the attributes and abilities tab (where you edit character Abilities) and adjusting it there.

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Brian C.
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Sorry, that it's broken for your player, but... ;)