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DnD 5e Absolute beginners group?

M D.
Hey all, I have been wanting to play DnD for the better part of a decade.  I finally bit the bullet and bought the starter pack.   My real life friends are not interested in trying it out and am too intimidated to joining one of the local clubs. What i was thinking was to setup a game of absolute beginners.  The newbies who like me are not ready to jump into a campaign with veterans (for everyones sanity).   We can play through the "Lost Mine of Phandelver" together via Discord on a set day.  We can learn the ropea together.   If the game isnt going in a direction we are all enjoying, we can stop and figure out how to make it more our style.    If there was an experienced DM that would be willing to spearhead this, thats great. If not i will DM, we can learn the mechanics and rules together. If there is anyone interested, just let me know.   I will be aiming to start this in early may when my schedule slows down a bit and can commit to a given day!
I'd definitely be interested in something like this. I have some experience DMing a few games of Pathfinder, but I've never played 5e and want to learn how. I'd be willing to either DM or be a PC depending on what you'd rather do : ) 
M D.
In all honesty, i think i rather PC than DM but i have the adventure book so i would be more than willing to DM theough it. 
Cool, my username on Discord is Tom Servo#5988 if you want to message me and we could try to get a group together 
Hey there folks, I've been DM'ing here on Roll20 for about 2 years now. Depending on timezones (I'm EST) I could run a group through "The Master's Vault" which is Roll20's beginner module. If that's something that sounds interesting , give me a yell.
I would be very interested in joining this. I'm an absolute beginner as well. I'm on EST and available 4pm-10pm any day of the week. Would love to be apart of this.
I would definitely be interested in joining if you'd have me. I have zero experience with DnD but have been wanting to learn for some years now. 
I'd be interested in joining as a PC. Judasace#4481 on Discord
ive dabbled in 3.5 but never 5th. im pst though and work nights 5pm-5am... interested though if in any way im able to join
I'd be interested as a newcomer myself.
Hi, I would also be interested in joining and I'm also a complete beginner. :)
I'm a returning DM, about to run Phandelver for the first time irl this weekend. Just getting into roll20 as well, would be happy to DM. It looks like we might have enough people for two groups here? 

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Hello. I’m also new to DnD (although I’ve done online writing RP for years). I’ve played in a couple of one shots in RL but would really like to get involved in a campaign. I’m in EST afternoon/evenings or weekends work the best for me. Im Knights#6552 on Discord
I've spent years entranced with D&D, but in my country no one plays and I have no idea how to get started. My only experience is an everlasting love for the Fantasy genre on TV and reading tons of webcomics about D&D. If y'all could help me out I'd be extremely grateful. I'm Lovehat#1928 on Discord.